No More Hawkers

Heres where you can harp on about something that is bugging you and maybe the council can take note and rectify outstanding issues for the benefit of the locals.

No More Hawkers

Postby whangapman » Wed May 07, 2014 1:52 pm

As someone who works from home, it is time to say enough is enough.

I have been 'rudely interrupted' four times in a 2 hour period by people trying to sell their wares.
This morning it was a painter, roof cleaners, plasterers etc...

Usually there is an endless queue of telecoms providers, power companies, religious organisations and there is no end to it.
how do we as a community say that we have had enough of these disturbances.

is it not bad enough that we have to pay to get rid of the endless stream of junkmail that we are bombarded with, not to mention the calls at all hours tring to get us to update our life insurance..
It is time that the council provides a way to let hawkers know that we don't want their visits!
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